25 May 2013

Tips for Sticking with It

 photo oldhasgonenewishere_zps13542d15.jpg

The trickiest part of doing what we know is good and right is actually doing it, am I right?   I can think for hours about going for a jog and how good it will feel and how liberated I'll be, but when it comes to lacing up my Nikes and putting soles to pavement - step after step - I'm singing a different tune.  I know in my mind that time spent with the Lord, soaking in His word is life-giving, nutritious, necessary, but when it comes to living the commitment I've made to spending that time, the Real Housewives of whatever is suddenly full of suspense and moment-by-moment cliff hangers.  The moment has passed, and so has the day.

And then comes the guilt. The feeling of failure. Of not measuring up.  

Do you know that's not how it's supposed to be? That it's not the intended outcome for when the Lord called us to Himself?

He wants us to come and be new - refreshed, changed, ready. 


It's still not simple to stick with it, though, is it?  Why not set yourself up for success by employing a few simple solutions?  

I'm guest posting today over at Overcome the Lie. Join me there, won't you?