18 June 2013

A Father's Day (almost) feast

Summer and all its promises are pretty good, right? 

I hosted Father's Day dinner last night, and all of us who were in town gathered around my tiny table for my best efforts at a feast, and additional efforts at having enough dining chairs.  Even my yellow nailhead cushy desk chair got a seat at the table.  There were pork chops and bacon-wrapped tenderloin, and Shauna Niequist's Basic Risotto, which, as it turns out, isn't quite as scary to prepare as I'd envisioned it.  The risotto-making process is described in her recipe as somewhere between not letting the grain drown, and also not letting it dry out, which is more accurate than I could have described it myself. And just keep stirring.  

Roasted broccoli and a delicious Caesar salad rounded out the meal, and we finished it off with Shauna's Blueberry Crisp and vanilla bean ice cream.  We toasted sweet and sparkly champagne to my outstanding dad, who'd give the shirt off his back to anyone he thought might need it in the slightest way, and who never lacks in new and original Ole and Sven jokes. Apologies to the Norwegians out there.

I think I've mentioned it before, but I work in our family's business, so I have the unique opportunity to watch my dad each day, in his element, and in his world, which he dominated long before I entered the picture.  Our little family business isn't perfect by any means, but if you want to test someone's integrity, work closely with them in a stressful industry for nearly 8 years, and you'll soon see where their rubber meets that pothole-ridden road. For my dad, right is right and wrong is wrong, and you don't ever do something to someone that you wouldn't want done to your own child, even if they wronged you first.

I don't take it lightly, this blessing of having a great dad. It's almost more uncommon these days to have such an experience, so my thankfulness is deep and wide and long.

And at Father's Day - we toast.

The recipes mentioned above, and a couple more, including bacon-wrapped goat cheese-stuffed dates, can be found in Shauna Niequist's Bread & Wine

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  1. Came across your blog while reading the several I read daily as a way to find inspiration for getting my own off the ground, and was super excited that you are in Madison!! I live in Madison, and it is by far the best city ever:) Looking forward to following you!

    1. Laura! How cool and what a small world! I'm so glad you said hello, and I agree, Madison is pretty uniquely outstanding. :) Hope you had a great weekend!

    2. Oh and I also meant to say… you SHOULD start a blog! And when you do… let me know what you land on so I can check it out. :)


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