10 June 2013

Better with time

The other day I was talking with some friends, reminiscing about how the world has changed. We came up with a pretty hilarious list of changes we've experienced in the just the last ten (ok or 15) years or so. 

1. Remember when we had to WAIT for a modem to dial up? And how if someone in your house was on the internet, your phone line was busy? And if you were advanced enough to have call waiting, and someone was online, they'd get kicked off?  

2. Remember when caller ID first came out, and it was a little box, separate from the phone itself? It was AMAZING to find out who'd called while you were gone, whether or not they left a message on the answering machine, which actually contained a mini-cassette tape.  

3. And video cameras. Let's talk about them. I hope you were wearing shoulder pads, because they were the size of a briefcase.  And when dad would be mid-recording, showcasing I or my brother's singing-on-the-fireplace talents, with each zoom-in or zoom-out, the sound of an airplane engine, moving the lens itself.  And when you have all the home videos transferred to DVD in the year 2009, the zoom sound is still loud and proud. And hilarious.

4. And finally…  a few visual representations of how things have changed...
zach morris via; bag phone via
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  1. I miss The Facebook way too much. Sometimes I still type in into my search to login. This is a great list! It's crazy how much time can change things.


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