04 June 2013

Don't Follow Your Passion

Following along in a reader? Listen here.

Tonight on a walk (holy beautiful evening) I listened to a sermon that got me. And so I must share it.  Its concepts are ones that most anyone, no matter where you find yourself on your faith journey, can align with.  It's a counter-cultural concept - the idea of following something other than your passion - isn't it?  It's definitely not the Oprah way. But it's the best way.

If you have a few minutes (33:59 to be exact), give it a listen.   

To give you just a taste… the teacher, Todd Wagner, outlines a number of questions we should ask ourselves each day to assess how we are doing in our quest to imitate Christ.  Here are a few that stuck out to me:
  • What have you done to grow in wisdom and stature today?
  • When you showed up, how was evil restrained, injustice conquered, love multiplied, captives rescued, and/or joy increased?
  • Have you laughed out loud today?
  • How is this world or are others better today because you have stepped up…?

PS. I know not everyone who hangs out around here shares my faith. I'm ok with that if you are, and I sure hope you'll stick around.