07 June 2013


The roar behind a boat that size, flying across the sparkling water, forming a wake the size of the pyramids in Egypt,  is how I'd imagine an aircraft carrier sounds, warming up its engine, growling and sputtering into life, ready to take over the entire world if you let it.  And the speed at which the wind and water droplets come at you, threatening to pull you right down into the water, untold limbs flailing in directions only olympic gymnasts are meant to master.  A glance at your foot, planted securely in the boot of the waterski is a stark reminder to keep your eyes on the ball, as it were, because water is water, but when you're traveling over it at 30 miles per hour, water is harsh and hard and swallows you whole. Not to mention the fact that there are fish under there and probably sharks and muskies waiting to make you Sunday brunch.

You get cocky for a second, because you made it over the that wake at a pretty good clip, and back across the other side seems easy.  So your muscles take over for your brain. You lose focus and sight of what you're doing, thinking instead of the high fives, and how your brothers are going to think you're so cool because of how you've improved, and what bathing suit you'll wear for the Waterski magazine photo shoot.

And the water is harsh and hard and swallows you whole. And it stings. Both your sunscreen-drenched body and your heady pride.

Oh life.  How I lose focus on what I'm doing. Letting muscle memory take over, losing intentionality, losing myself in the mundane instead of reveling in the new and the beauty and the gloriousness of this world and relationships.  And then I fall, into bad habits or bad relationships or bad attitude or ungratefulness - and it hurts a bit.  

The beauty of the fall? It hurts just enough to help you learn how to do better next time. 

This has been Five Minute Friday. Today's prompt was Fall.  You should give it a try. It's fun and kinda freeing.

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  1. I have never waterskied and only began to swim a few years ago. I don't have much pride attached to water but I can definitely appreciate your perspective. Keep writing! Bless you, Cindy your FMF "neighbor!"


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