28 June 2013

In Between

For as long as I remember I've been a dreamer, a pusher, a do-er - always thinking about the next thing, pointing my bow in the direction of where I think I'm headed, setting my sails for the destination… ready to have arrived already!  

And for as long as I remember, I've not arrived...whatever "arrived" actually means in my head.  

It's true of almost everything in my life, really, and maybe it just means I'm super impatient. I'm sure on April 23, the night before my surgery, when I thought of June 28th - today - I imagined myself certainly back to totally normal life and use of my shoulder, but here comes today, and my shoulder is still not even close to regular - each movement calculated to avoid that pinch of pain.  And when I moved into my condo almost exactly four years ago (happy anniversary little home!), surely at this point, four years in, I'd have landed on the most delicious combination of vignettes and paint colors and furniture selections. And even when I started this little blog a little over a year ago (happy birthday woohoo!), imagining a year in, I know I thought I'd have found a comfortable groove by now, arrived at just the right tone and blog layout and voice.  

But with all those things, and many others, I'm just right here in the in-between, and when I raise my arm to check out a paint swatch for the little wall in my bedroom, where I do my blogging, that twinge in my shoulder reminds me that I've not arrived - I never will actually - and that life is really a series of in-betweens.

This has been Five Minute Friday, a five-minute writing prompt. Check it out for yourself right here. #fmf


  1. I so understand that truth--when we think we've arrived we've only just reached an in between place before what comes next. It's a hard truth to swallow for go-getters like us! Keep pushing onward! Visiting from FMF.

  2. "... and that life is really a series of in-betweens." Love this thought. Visiting from FMF link-up. :)

  3. This is great. And to be honest - I hope you never arrive. The tension is really evident in your writing and I love it! Thanks for sharing today. Happy rehab!!


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