14 June 2013


When my cousin Andrew was just a little guy - probably 2 or 3 years old - and felt that he wasn't getting your adequate attention for whatever bad guy dinosaur tornado farm tractor another cheez-it please story he was telling, he would take his stubby little hands and wrap them around the cheeks of whoever he was talking to, look them straight in the eye, and proclaim… "yooooouuu listen to meeeeee….".  At the older-wiser-cousin-age of 5 or 6 I thought it was pretty hilarious, and actually couldn't really believe he got away with it.  

It's a universal need, isn't it? To be heard.  Really heard.  

Have you ever thought about the difference between having what you say enter through someone's ears, and just pass back out, versus having what you say enter through someone's ears, bounce around in their brain, cause a reaction, and have them actually have HEARD what you're saying, enough so that they might reflect it back to you with more understanding than the way you said it? 

Let us be listeners today - people with open ears and hearts, who care more about what we're actually hearing than the eloquent way we'll respond.  

What is it that your people are saying?

This has been Five Minute Friday, which is a five-minute writing prompt. It's fun and freeing and you should give it a try.  


  1. I loved this! Your little cousin must have been hilarious and do you know, as much as I'm so desperate to be heard, I can be a TERRIBLE listener. Especially when I'm all wrapped up in my own thoughts and problems and self. Loved this reminder to seek to truly listen!

  2. I'm going to tuck your question- What are your people saying?- in my pocket today. Thank you ma'am!

  3. some people are just so good at making you feel really heard. it is a gift!


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