03 June 2013

Recovery: How it's going

Ok, guys.  Here we are, a little more than a month post-surgery.

I have one word. 


Everything was going so well until almost exactly three weeks after surgery.  I was back to work, back to the gym, back to getting dressed without it being the most painful experience in all the world…

And then the pain returned.  So I did what any annoying conscientious patient would do and immediately called my surgeon.  Not actually my surgeon, but his staff. And I asked them to please contact him as soon as possible because certainly something had gone terribly wrong.  "I don't know if it's an infection or a problem or what, but it reeeeeally hurts…" 

Ok wait. I feel the need to digress for a moment. Did I ever tell you the very last thing I heard in the operating room right before I went under anesthesia? SOMEONE in that operating room said, 

"Well she's gonna be a high-maintenence one…"

No joke. I think they thought I was already under. I'm slowly recovering from the blow to my very low-maintenence (ahem) ego.  

Annnnyway… I called the doctor. Because it hurt. And he is the one who did this to me. And because maybe he can make the hurt go away.  I was informed that while I was still sedated, immediately after surgery, they'd given me a cortisone shot, and right around three weeks is when it starts wearing off. Dang it.  So my physical therapist, who I love , spends the first five minutes of each appointment gently scolding me for going back to work so soon, and for thinking it was a good idea to go to spinning class so soon.  She gave me a new sling (since I in all my star-studentness tossed mine while that cortisone shot was making me feel so good), prescribed a massage to relieve the tightness in the muscle, did an electro-therapy treatment on the area, and reminded me to ice "20 minutes on 20 minutes off…"

So that's the update.  I'm wearing my sling at home. It is so cute helpful.  And I'm icing. And I'm not spinning. And it's driving me a tad batty because I can't zoom around like I want to.  But I'm also thankful - first that I have access to good medical care, and second- that after I survive the torture of moving slower, my shoulder is going to feel better (fingers crossed gingerly so as not to hurt the shoulder).