21 June 2013

Rhythm (updated with working audio link)

In music, as a musician, you've got to really hope for a percussion section that knows what they're doing.  In the traditional sense of the music we all listen to regularly, that's usually the drummer, but can often be the pianist, the guitarist, or the guy in the back grooving his head to the beat of the bass.  The percussion instrument is the backbone, the spine, holding the body up.  You depend on its strength, consistency, regularity, going long and wide and all the way to the end.  

A band without a strong percussionist feels out of whack, sort-of young and immature, unable to keep up with itself or maintain harmony among its members.  No matter how beautifully the melody instruments and voices glide into the room, skirt swaying softly behind, that strong beat, however gentle it might be, is what ties it and keeps it all together.

So it is in life, too, I think.  

We need a consistent beat in the background, something keeping us in line. For me - a rhythm is healthy and good and strong and growing.  Get up early, get to the gym, keep a to do list, write things on it just to cross them off, be intentionally in community, spend time in quiet and prayer, head outdoors and appreciate the beauty around, make meals, eat fruit, call my mom and text my sister, write, read, ride with the windows down.  The sense of same, for me, is not mundane, but life-giving and new.

And now for something totally different: Me singing a song that I recorded a few years ago. My grandparents have always loved listening to me sing, and asked me to record their favorite hymns.  This recording was played at my grandfather's funeral in January. I hope it's a blessing to you, and will remind you of what keeps you upright and strong.

Following along in a reader? Check out the audio here.

This has been Five Minute Friday, a 5-minute writing prompt. You should give it a try. It's different and fun and kinda freeing.


  1. Thanks for the good word...I like the idea of a consistent beat to keep us in line...to hold onto the everyday so we don't get lost. To remember the good things. Okay so I am not the most tech savy person but I clicked on the link of the song and couldn't get it to work...but I am sure it's beautiful indeed. Visiting from FMF. :) Reta

  2. How relevant for me to read your post this morning! My daughter is going to get together with her grandfather this weekend to sing together at a nursing home. It blesses us all when this happens. So glad you are able to bless others with your singing. A special rhythm.

  3. Beautiful! This could be a part of the conversation with my post from this link up! Nice to stop by and visit. Beautiful voice! I love that song! - AJ



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