31 July 2013

How to study when you forgot how to study

It has been a loooong time since I needed to study (I know some of you want to punch me in the jaw right now).  And I think I forgot how to actually do it. No really - like I can't really remember where to start. What a luxury, no?


I am thinking about starting to study (nothing like preparing to prepare, huh?) for an industry-specific exam, and have been thinking a little bit about where to start with the ol' gotta-get-to-that-studying-thing.   I'm actually not just thinking about starting, for the record. I'm actually really going to start. Like right after I finish this blog post.  Ahem.

Ok, so here are the study tips I've come up with as a starting point:
  • Read the study material.  Yes.  We're headed back to basics, people, and I've got to read the material.  Thank you Kaplan for so generously providing a zillion pages of such content.
  • Index Cards. Back to Spanish with Señorita Lahr from junior year of high school.  I used to secretly love doing index cards, but having not done them for awhile, I'll have to re-train the brain in the art of index card making.
  • Study Buddy. Thankfully I have a buddy who is willing and actually excited to quiz me.  We are so hip.
Ok. What am I missing? Do you have any good study tips for me? Can I send someone to take the exam in my place? No? Illegal?

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