16 July 2013

The Only Way to Combat Laziness

Sometimes in the morning on weekends I like to lay in bed for awhile. I make myself the perfect cup of coffee, open up my blinds, turn on the tv, grab my MacBook, and hang out for awhile. It's a luxury that is quite unique to my current life-circumstances, and I'm ok with embracing it a bit.

This morning, though, as I was laying there, I started to get tempted with laziness.  I had made plans to head to a lululemon-sponsored (yay!) spinning class at a local spinning studio at 11:30, and started to question if I really felt (a sure-sign laziness was creeping in!) like going. What I felt like doing, of course, was to stay in bed, or head out to the porch to soak up a little Vitamin D, returning inside only to switch the laundry - washer to dryer, dryer to basket, washer to dryer, dryer to basket - perusing my newly-arrived Real Simple magazine.  These things are all ok, of course, and I value the importance of unscheduled margin, but you see, for me, when laziness creeps in, it's better to go to spinning. 

My laziness thermometer - or - how I can tell I'm about to choose lazy:
  1. I hear the words, "I don't feel like it…" rattling around in my head. I wonder if this is true for others: In general, my head makes better decisions than my heart.  
  2. What I'm about to choose in my laziness is the less-healthy of my options. Things that are good for us are often the less-attractive option, taking preparation, planning, thought, and good old fashioned work.  Laziness is often my issue if I'm leaning toward a less-healthy (staying in bed vs. hopping on that bike) option.
Here's the deal.  

The only way to combat lazy is to go ahead and DO THE THING you almost weren't going to do.  

Am I right? 

It's a muscle-memory kind of thing. The more you get used to doing the less-attractive thing, the more natural it becomes for your body and mind to do the thing.  Feel like ordering pizza even though you have the margin and ingredients to cook a healthy meal? Go ahead and cook the meal! Don't feel like hauling those bags full of old t-shirts, long-forgotten-sudoku puzzles, chipped dishes to Goodwill? Go ahead and run them over to your local donation spot.  It will be done, and you will have chosen the better thing.  Watching Pioneer Woman's show on Food Network while sipping  a steaming cup of Pikes Place sound slightly more appealing than hopping on an uncomfortable bike seat and subjecting yourself to an energetic, strict and honestly kind of mean cycling instructor?  Getting your blood pumping and quads sobbing is better. Hop in the car and get there. It's a little harder to get yourself to do,  and that is good. Hard. Healthy. Strong.

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  1. I needed to read this! I've been in such a rut this summer. Thanks for the kick in the pants!


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