03 July 2013

Vacation Reads for a Summer Getaway

I'm headed to the north woods this weekend for a family-gathering weekend filled with fun and time to breathe.  Reading for pleasure is a luxury for me, so I spend time putting together my reading list before I go.

Here are the books I'm taking along this time.

Blog, Inc. I started this book awhile back and haven't had time to get all the way through it. I'm looking forward to getting into the "meat" of the book. 
Carry On, Warrior I started this one awhile back, too.  My Type A personality is a little batty with the fact that these books are sitting unfinished.  Must remedy this weekend.
Design * Sponge at Home Because it's inspiring, and who doesn't need a little inspiration?

After this set of books, I'm out of new books to read! Any recommendations for great books for the rest of my summer getaways?