06 August 2013

#Intentional August

In blogging they tell you not to take a break from blogging.  I was never one for rules, however, and would definitely rather ask forgiveness than ask permission.  Fall 2013 is going to be big and exciting and energizing and me-changing, and I just need some time to ready myself for takeoff.  

I grabbed this image from miss Lara Casey, whose Making Things Happen intensive I'll attend in late October. We've all got something up our sleeve, haven't we? And maybe we just need a few minutes to breathe and think on the goals we've set for ourselves, preparing well for what is ahead.

That being said, my #IntentionalAugust is going to be spent on a little break from blogging.  I'll be writing up a storm over here, just not yet hitting Publish.

Thanks for sticking with me; can't wait to see you back here on September 1st.