09 September 2013

Confession: I spray tan

Read to the end to find out how to avoid these brown feet-bottoms.

Confession: I spray tan. It gives this stuck-at-a-desk-all-sunning-hours-in-summer girl a little color where it counts, and I'm not ashamed. I also tan in the winter. Sue me.

And those are my feet, which apparently soak up every ounce of solution that's accessible to them.  That is so embarrassing. Read on to find out how to avoid such embarrassment. 

Here are a few spray-tan-tips from this pro:

1. Most tanning spas will supply a barrier cream, which should be applied to areas of the skin where there are creases or dry spots, like your hands.  My hands are actually the only place I apply the barrier cream, with special attention on the cuticles, but I've seen other people apply cream to the tops of their feet, as well.

2. Make sure the shower cap you wear during the spray session is as close to the hairline as humanly possible. That's a point I can't stress enough.

3. Tan at night before bed, then shower in the morning.  This will give the solution enough time to soak into your skin, but the shower will help eliminate the spray tan odor that I haven't figured out how to avoid.

4. You'll likely feel a tad sticky right after you tan, and the bottoms of your feet might be a little slippery.  Wear non-slippery shoes, and do your Target run before you tan.

5. Wear dark-colored clothes to the tanning spa.  I've made the I-wore-white mistake, and ended up with my tank top getting a little tan. Not so cool.

6. If you're tanning before an event, like formal gala that's on a Saturday, I'd recommend tanning on Thursday night, so you have a more natural-looking glow by event night.

Do you spray tan? Are you willing to give it a try? Any tips for  reducing the inevitable spray tan solution odor?

PS. AVOID BROWN FEET-BOTTOMS! The tanning spa I go to provides hand towels. I recently put a towel under each foot during the spray session, and now I don't have weird dark feet bottoms anymore!

PPPS. You know who else spray tans?


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