03 September 2013

I'm Back! And some things about #IntentionalAugust

You might remember that I took a little breather during the month of August.  I had started to feel a little panicky, and a little like I got caught beneath the tide, seeing summer's end on the horizon.  August ended up feeling like a big deep breath of seaside air - good for the body and good for the soul.  

August was nice in all sorts of ways.  I tried a whole bunch of new things and my evenings were more like evenings than meeting nights or work-ish nights.  That's one nice thing about being intentional about time away from crazy.  When I was done with my workday, evenings were time to relax with a glass of wine and the remote control or the latest issue of Real Simple, instead of the time for running to this meeting or that, tidying up to host whichever thing I'd signed up for.  All of these things that I do are good and stretching and community-building and fun, but this break in August was good. Fresh air, I tell you.  

Having a little margin also allowed for an opportunity to try some new things.  You see, I can't turn down a challenge, so when Chris challenges me to try paddle boarding or canoeing five miles down a river (when I say canoeing, what I mean for me is sitting and watching the trees and beaches go by. Very little paddling with my still-healing shoulder!), it means it's happening, because it's impossible for me to collapse in the face of a challenge. Trying new things is awesome. We also visited the drive-in movie theater (aka the place where Cammie naps) and the pool and had late nights and filling dinners with friends. This past weekend, Chris' cousin got married, so we traveled to the wedding then came back in time to celebrate his birthday with his family, complete with a trip to the stock car racetrack, where Chris' brother calculated the cars' top speeds and timed their laps. I'd say it was surprisingly fun, but here's a tip - bring earplugs. Those cars are loud as they zoom by. 

August also meant a trip to see my older brother and his family - and my first experience at the Minnesota State Fair. Let me tell you something… the state fair is where all the cultures meet. Football and NASCAR enthusiasts alike, guys, gals, young, old, and even one brand new bride and groom (I am so not kidding THEY GOT MARRIED AT THE FAIR), find them at the fair. It is a people watcher's dream.  My nephews and niece showed me their favorite rides, I accompanied my niece on the huge yellow magic carpet slide, and we saw the largest pig (boar? dinosaur? unknown huge being?) I've ever laid eyes on. The size. of. a. rhino. It was huge. My older nephew also played in a hockey tournament, so in the middle of August, I cooled off at the rink, cheering him to victory, which actually felt a lot like my growing up years. So many hockey rinks; so much bleacher booty.  Man I love those kids. 

I'm anticipating a really exciting autumn.  There's the Influence Conference at the end of this month, then my birthday trip to the lake with friends in the middle of October. I'll finish the month with my most-anticipated event (probably ever) in the Making Things Happen intensive, for which I'll travel to Raleigh, NC. Shortly thereafter, Mollie turns 21, so I plan to head to Chicago that weekend to buy her a glass of wine and treat her to a fancy shmancy dinner and evening on the town.  Suddenly it will be November and Chris and I will celebrate four years then Thanksgiving and Christmas, and then we'll clink glasses to the birth of 2014, and I'll have barely taken a breath. Can you believe the way time flies? 

I'm so looking forward to posting regularly again, and to my life group girls' return, and the Jr. League year ramping back up.  August was good though, and it's really what I needed to recharge a bit.

How do you recharge? Does it come naturally for you or do you find you need to set aside time to recharge? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!