16 September 2013

Nashville Scandal Downton the Profit (aka Fall TV I Can't Wait to See)

The color treatment of this graphic inspired by Allie Lehman, my graphic design hero.
I swear I'm not a TV junkie (though everyone knows I can't resist the Real Housewives of anything), but this year, I just can't wait for the fall broadcasting lineup.  It might be just me, but it really seems like network TV has improved over the past couple of years.  Really interesting.

If you haven't already, add these shows to your TV schedule. Their season premier dates are already in my calendar. This is not a joke.

Wednesday September 25: NASHVILLE.

I don't just love this show because I'm a huge lover of country music, but I'm sure that has something to do with it.  The show is set in Nashville (duh), and features real-life venues like The Bluebird Cafe. The actors in this show are actually very talented musicians, and the storyline really draws you in. Finally, if you haven't seen them yet, make sure you check out Lennon and Maisy Stella's YouTube channel.  These real-life sisters play sisters on the show, and they are so sticking talented. And I'll stop myself before I start blubbering on about how blessed they are to get to work together like this blah blah... Toward the end of last season, their music was featured on the show a couple of times. I HOPE that means we'll see more of that in Season 2!

Thursday October 3rd: SCANDAL.  

I'm a sucker for a good political drama, and this one has got me hooked. I even subscribed to Hulu+ just so I could see it (Season 1 is on Netflix, which I already subscribe to; Season 2 is on Hulu+). I'll tell you what, though. It was worth every penny of that $7.99. An added bonus? Even the men can get into this show! Heads up: This show is not for the kiddos. 

Sunday January 5th: DOWNTON ABBEY

You guys.  I was late to the party on this amazing show, but Chris and I were glued to all three seasons this spring (again with having to purchase Hulu+ to see some), and I CANNOT WAIT until January for the show to return.  With no desire to spoil it for anyone, last season ended with quite a (HORRIFIC) shock, and I'm dying (no pun intended ahem) to see what happens next. We're currently working on convincing our friend Joe to catch up to us so that he and his wife (one of my besties ) and Chris and I can start a Sunday Downton tradition this winter. 

Hoping it's coming back: THE PROFIT

There's a new show on CNBC called The Profit, and this first season was a shorty, being just 6 episodes, but I great to LOVE watching it.  Basically, a very successful entrepreneur comes into a struggling business, agrees to write a check to turn the business around, but demands complete control for a week, then partial ownership in the company going forward.  I'm in small business in real life, so that's probably part of the reason the show is so interesting to me. I also love watching the impact small improvements can have on a small organization.  So awesome. I've looked, though, and can't figure out if it's for sure coming back for a second season. This article has me a little worried about the show's, too.  Please let it not be done!

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  1. I also cannot wait for the return of Nashville and Scandal!! And Parenthood is also excellent.

    1. I have heard such good things about Parenthood! I will have to check it out. Thanks for the tip! And thanks so much for stopping by. :)


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