04 September 2013

On Finishing

My new bright-white thick and swingy curtains sat in their crisp cellophane packaging for three months.  Three months waiting like soldiers at attention for their glory day.  They  mysteriously ended up on my doorstep due to a (pretty major, actually) shipping error, along with their curtain rods, all set and ready to be hung.  

I don't know why I let them sit for three months. I had a willing handy-man and a pretty pink tool kit on my theses-are-the-things-that-homeowners-use shelf. The existing black and white damask panels had served me well through my first four years of home-ownership, but it was time for change. Nothing was difficult about it, and I don't get sappy about window coverings. Yet for ninety days they sat.

When the time finally came to unscrew the old and re-screw (ahem that is not a word) the new, I was almost surprised at the relief I felt.  The thick white swingy curtains were up. The black and white damask were neatly folded, packed in a shopping bag, ready to head back to mom and dad's for the next family member's use (that's how we do it in our family - the motto is to never throw anything away, which is another post all together), and I was a happy, satisfied gal.  

As I thought more about the stress that finished project relieved, I wondered at the number of unfinished ends, unfolded laundry, untied laces, unsaved documents.  It's likely an essential piece of my personality, being all Type A and nutso, but tying up those  frazzled ends are good for all of us.  Finish something. Complete it. Work for it and find satisfaction in its finish - doneness in all its glory.

Hang those curtains. Check off the remaining tedium on that list. Pass that test. Hem the pants.  Touch up the paint where the dark-wash denim rubbed under the breakfast bar.  

You'll feel deep-breath satisfied seeing it done. 

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  1. So glad you are back at it. Please let me know how I can support and encourage your blogging endeavors! Glad to call you friend.

    - Mary


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