10 September 2013

Try Something New: #Paddleboarding

photo by chris
I've mentioned that during my #IntentionalAugust hiatus, I had the opportunity to try some new things. I don't know about you, but I kind of love trying new things.  

This past spring, a new boathouse opened in Madison. They have various kinds of self-propelled watercraft for rent, and Chris had been itching to try paddle boarding.  

It was fun!

I wasn't really up for falling off the board into the murky pyrannea-infested (I'm sure) water, so that was my greatest concern, but the board was surprisingly easy to stand up on.  It also ended up being a really good workout, because you use all your muscle groups to propel the board and stay upright.  Win-win. My paddle board tips, which are for the amateurs out there are these:
  • The boathouse provided life jackets with our rentals, but didn't require that we wear them.  They fit perfectly on the front of the board, and didn't slide around.  I realize we took a risk by not wearing them, but paddling would have been more difficult with them on.
  • Paddle boards themselves are much wider than I'd imagined.  I pictured  a surfboard's width, sure  that the tiniest wave would send me overboard. Not the case. The board was wide enough to stand comfortably shoulder-width apart, with some room left on the outside of each foot.
  • Wear something you don't mind getting wet in.  Even if you don't plan to go in the water, you may get splashed.
  • Even though it might feel a little unsteady, try sitting on the board some, too, and just relaxing.  It takes some focus to get down, but being so close to the water is really neat.

top photo by chris // bottom photo by cammie for polka dotted peony

Do you like trying new things? What are some of the best you've tried? I'd love to hear in the comments!