25 September 2013

Where I'm heading today #InfluenceConf


I am headed to Indy for the Influence Conference today! You may remember that Influence was my first-ever blogging conference last year, and I'm headed back again this week.

I'm caravaning/carpooling with Meg, Tammy, and Jennifer, and meeting up with other friends once we get there.  My awesome aunt and cousin are also joining in the fun, and I can't wait to watch them experience their first blogging conference.  

I have some posts scheduled while I'm away having a blast, and will of course be posting all the best live updates on twitter, Facebook, and instagram! If you want to follow along with all the conference chatter, we'll be trending at #InfluenceConf.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for a briefing on our fabulous speakers and who I'm most looking forward to hearing from!