08 October 2013

Ask for Help (Savvy Business Secrets for Creative Entrepreneurs) #31Days

Did you know that you're not alone? Let me say that again:

You are not alone.

It's a relief, isn't it? To know that you've got people, resources - to help you find your way.

There are many things in business and in life that we're just not equipped to tackle alone.  That's ok… it means we're learning and growing higher and wider and stronger and softer.

This is a gross generalization, but creatives are generous.  They understand that new ideas, new content is sacred, and don't come trotting down the sidewalk each day with the mailman.  It is ok to ask for help, to be open about the fact that you don't have all the answers.  Have you ever noticed that when someone else asks you for help, it actually helps you strengthen your knowledge on the topic? Glorious symbiotic-ness.

Here are my favorite places to go for help:
  • YouTube: I kid you not, there is a video for EVERYTHING.  Every. Thing. Need to know to to fashion the perfect top-knot or the latest scarf-tying technique? How about make the perfect risotto or roast broccoli? Whether you're learning HTML, CSS, or basic photography skills, you can be sure to find a million tutorials for it on YouTube.
  • Talented Friends and Family: You love them for a reason, and it's because they're awesome. You're friends are full of great information and they want to help you. In just my closest circle of friends, I have a counselor, development officer turned operations director, childcare provider, college student, new mom, investment analyst, pharmacist, surgeon.  So much knowledge - and they care! Pick their brains. They'll love sharing with you.
  • Counterparts: There are other people - really nice people - who are doing what you are trying to do or want to be doing. As we discussed earlier, creatives are generous and love to share.  Reach out to them. Show your interest in their talent,  support what they're doing, ask them questions. I'd be surprised if you got pinched for it.
Take a moment. Make note of who in your life has knowledge to share. Reach out to them, offer to help, and ask them for input on what you're doing.

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