24 October 2013

Ask the Pretty Girl to Prom (aka Fall in Love with Rejection) // Savvy Business Secrets for Creative Entrepreneurs #31Days

A couple of weeks ago, I approached someone I very much (VERY much) admire in business and in life.  My email was perfectly crafted - thoughtful yet to the point. I wondered if she'd be one of my Savvy Entrepreneur interviewees (like this and this), and the little butterflies in my stomach made their appearance as I got ready to click send.  

I'd been thinking a lot about risk and reward and rejection at that point, so when she wrote back and graciously said she wasn't able to participate, I almost wrote her back and THANKED her for saying no, because it had meant rejection for me, and rejection means growth, which means reward!  

Let's make a little picture:


Here's the deal, guys.

You have to fall in love with rejection.

Doesn't it sound so strange but make so much sense at the same time? 

See, for me, when I got that NO a couple weeks ago, I knew I was in EXACTLY the right spot, because I'd put myself out there, and risked her rejecting me.  I (quite literally in fact) celebrated the NO, because I'd found a willingness in myself to tiptoe out far enough on the branch to risk it breaking. And it broke! I'd tiptoed far enough!  

And so, after celebrating a bit, I wrote an email back, thanking her for taking the time to respond and wishing her well on an upcoming project, then got back to my list of Savvy Entrepreneurs, and crafted an email to the next person on my list, excited that they may also say no.

Does what I'm saying make sense? 

Find yourself in places where there is a risk of rejection, because that is where you'll find growth.  And growth means opportunity.

Send the scary book proposal, ask your hero to be your mentor, ask a blogger to feature your new product design, tell someone you'd like to work with them.

Ask the pretty girl to prom.

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