11 October 2013

Change your Surroundings // Savvy Business Secrets for Creative Entrepreneurs #31Days

It should be stated that in my regular life, I sit at a desk, fingers at the ready on a black  and clicky keyboard - all day, each and every working day. So this post to to myself.

Have you ever noticed how in the midst of a foggy brain, clouded with emotion or ideas or stress or exhaustion, heading outside for a bit to breathe in the fresh air makes all the difference? How after a tiring day, your body regains energy and drive after a really good workout? How when you're on a retreat for work or school or dreamy-fun, your brain starts to produce all these crazy good ideas?

How often do you think about how your scenery is effecting your work?

At the current moment, I'm sitting at my desk, in a comfy mustard-yellow chair, my black and white striped blanket draped on my shoulders because it's chilly in here; the fall air coming through the window that stayed open while I slept last night.  My desk though?  It's bills to be paid, a nail polish set that doesn't work and needs to be returned (I am not shy about letting manufacturers know when their products stink), my notes about this series, some white-out, my phone, and my coffee are what are keeping me company and probably also jamming up my brain.  It's a bunch of to-do's, staring  me confidently right in the eye.

This weekend, I'll jet off on a little getaway with friends and my main squeeze.  We're going away from the city, away from the clutter, away from my office desk and keyboard and slingback shoes and cardigans and monogrammed shirt cuffs.  We're bringing games and snacks and the makings of fajitas and sloppy joes. I plan to breathe deep and often and relax my poor jaw that's clenched  too much of the time. 

It won't be without value, this little time away. Perspective and creativity come to me best when I'm not wrapped up in hustle and bustle.

Do they for you too?  

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