05 October 2013

Find Your People (Savvy Business Secrets for Creative Entrepreneurs) #31Days

Being an entrepreneur has lots of unique challenges.  And as we're learning through this series:


When you're an entrepreneur, and the way you fund your Target trips or your Whole Foods crusty bread + Vermont white cheddar or just your trip to grab diapers is by finding and developing new business opportunities, everyone you know and every new body you meet is a potential customer.  And that's kind of weird.

And because you can't poor your heart out about your latest rejection or your newest idea for your business that may or may not get off the ground or get advice on how to resolve an issue in your business to any and every potential customer out there, you've just got to find your people.

Get yourself into a study group or a mastermind group or just a group of YOUR PEOPLE who are safe. Do you have close friends with whom you can share challenges and not be afraid of the implications? Is there a group you can get involved with that brings together professionals from different areas of the country, working in different markets, and not competing for business (that's important, of course - it's hard to be genuine about your challenges and failures with your competitors!)? What conferences can you attend that will offer chances to meet your people? 

This series is actually a result of my blogging mastermind group (which is like a study group but with a snazzy name).  They listened to me and validated my knowledge in this area. They challenged me to move ahead with getting these thoughts out of my head and into the world. And I'm so glad they did! I'm loving it!

I have a close friend with whom I get together every other Friday afternoon.  We call it Friday Fun (because it's both), and it's our chance to share and bounce ideas and sharpen one another. To give you a taste of how good Friday Fun is - usually one of us arrives before the other, and the hostess of the restaurant leads us to the booth where the other is waiting.  And as the arriving person settles into the booth (always a booth - always), there's an audible sigh of relief and a smile, because Friday Fun is here.  It's safe and the weekend is here and my friend is here. And I've been saving up questions because I know she's the person to ask. It's become one of my favorite things.

Where are your people? Make it part of your rhythm. You need them. They need you. 

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  1. I love this!! Of course, part of it is because I'm one of your "people," but it's just plain good advice. I have my Mastermind Group, and I have a writer's group. I also host a blog-in every so often, inviting friends to bring over their computers and blog with some company. We share ideas, ask for help, brainstorm together. I'm always looking for new ways to connect and create.

  2. Having time and space for important questions is so important. Thanks for the reminder to continue making time for each other a priority!


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