12 October 2013

Get (really) Good Before You Go Wide // Savvy Business Secrets for Creative Entrepreneurs (#31Days)

Have you ever been a customer of a baby or toddler-aged business, and watched them attempt to grow crazy wide in their offerings before they had gotten really good at their core?  For instance, your local coffee shop opens, and two months later, before they've mastered the perfectly prepared espresso treat, they're also trying to be the best bakery in town? And then a month later, their muffins are still a little dry, but they add paninis to the mix?

It's not inspiring.  

Don't you just cry a little bit inside, wishing they'd see that the core of their company is coffee, and really good coffee, at that? And they could grow and maintain their customers' confidence and loyalty if they would keep the main thing the main thing until the main thing had become a growth engine, propelling them to their next main thing?

If your thing is events, let's just hold off until your events are out of this world before also opening an arm of your event planning business that does the party prop rental thing.  Hear me when I say that I'm not saying it will never be time be in the party rental business, but take the time, have the discipline, do the work to make sure your main thing - super chic events - are top notch. Then your customers will trust you to take care of their party prop needs. Am I making sense?

Really what I love to see is creatives who've found their jam, their mojo, their stride. 

Get really good before you go wide.

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  1. I appreciate this post! Because I often times am the one dreaming big and wanting to do the next thing before the first thing is successful (or in some cases even off the ground and running!). Thanks for the encouragement and I will definitely think through these things!


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