18 October 2013

Invest in Yourself // Savvy Business Secrets for Creative Entrepreneurs

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In a couple of days, I'm heading to the event-of-my-year.  

Ever since the moment in July when I learned that Making Things Happen had only two slots left, and I clicked the BUY button, then waited the 14:33 to click SUBMIT PAYMENT, getting in right under the fifteen minute this is how much time you have to locate your credit card limit, I knew this was going to be my big thing.  I can absolutely not wait.  MTH is an intensive designed to fire you up. Don't you love that? 

I've been gone a lot this Fall, investing in me.  In September, there was Influence, and then I took my birthday off. In November, I'll go with my dad (remember how I work in our family's wealth management firm?) to a Boot Camp three-day industry intensive, hearing from a pro in our business.  And it's a lot of time away when you're not a person who usually takes tons of time away.

My desk has more paper on it than I'm comfortable with, and my bedroom floor is adorned with pink polka dotted birthday wrapping paper (my people know me so well) and Pikes Place k-cups and a Tootsie Roll halloween costume and my Influence Conference swag bag, still full of goodies I haven't even had a chance to explore. Last night I hosted a Jr. League event, and two nights before that my life group girls were here, and tomorrow I'm going to a freezer cooking party, and will come home with twenty pre-made dinners for which I have no room  in my freezer. And we had to cancel corn maze plans with friends for this weekend because I thought I might lose my marbles. And I LOVE the corn maze. It's getting a little crazy over here with all the things.

For you, it may be dollars or it may be time. It may be intensive training, or just getting away to sweep clean the cobwebs. It may mean time away from the office of just a sign on your door that politely says please don't disturb… focus time in progress. Or maybe you just need a change of scenery.  

Whatever it is for you, can you please find it, then promptly hit the BUY button on it?

Did you know you're worth that? Your work has value. What you do leaves a lasting mark. You mean something. Take the time, spend the money, plan the trip. 

Invest in Yourself.

This post is part of a series called Savvy Business Secrets for Creative Entrepreneurs. You can read other posts in the series right here, or make a selection based on topic:

This post is part of a series called Savvy Business Secrets for Creative Entrepreneurs. You can read other posts in the series right here, or make a selection based on topic:

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