25 October 2013

Not a Grey Suit Kind of Gal // Savvy Business Secrets for Creative Entrepreneurs #31Days

I think in my life as a colorful gal working in a traditional wealth management firm, I've had a few crises of identity.  You see, I'm not really the kind with seven suits hanging in my closet in all their professional and neutral-color-they-go-with-anything glory.  I am addicted to color, and think it plays a really important role in the world.  I'm much more likely to show up in a bright red blazer  than the perfectly conservative tan suit and pumps.  

And I think that has held me back. Not the fact that I don't really dress the traditional part, but that I've spent all this time wondering about it.  Are they going to think I'm not serious? That I have no clue? That I'm just a kid trying to make it in a grown-up world? 

I wonder if anyone else has had the same kinds of questions. Maybe it's not about what you wear on your body, but what your diploma says or how frayed your camera strap is, hanging loved across your shoulder.

Can we just do away with those things? 

How about we show up early, do a great job, and care genuinely about people, and let the rest work itself out.

That's a wardrobe I can live with.

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  1. This advice can translate into every facet of life. We constantly question and doubt ourselves, often at the neglect or sacrificing the very things for which we're "fighting"! YES, just be there, do it well, and love hard!

    1. Becca that's so true… and I love that phrase "love hard"! Thank you for that!

  2. I used to wear tons of suits (including gray!) when I worked in a corporate job in Chicago. Since I've moved to San Francisco and started my own business, it's all about the color, baby! :) I love structured blazers, but I gravitate more toward pinks and oranges now. I think it's all in how you carry yourself, and self-doubt doesn't look goo on anyone.

    By the way, your profile pic is adorable! I have on a pink blazer in my pic too.


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