07 October 2013

Resources you should be using (Savvy Business Secrets for Creative Entrepreneurs) #31Days

I don't know when I discovered that there are tools in the world that can be leveraged in life and work to increase productivity and efficiency, making more room in my mind for creativity, but since that time, I've begun using a number of systems and never looked back. 

Let's start with something obvious, but easy to forget.  

Systems are only as good as you are at using them.  

You've got to throw your energy behind the discipline it takes to let a system do its work for you, or you'll find yourself frustrated and still without a system. For some creatives, systems might seem restrictive and boxed-in, but free yourself of that thought. 

If you are ready to buy-in to the idea that what you're actually doing is freeing up creative inches in your brain by leaning on tools outside of your mind… then keep reading after the jump.

  1. Getting Things Done: This system has changed the way I process information and clear the cobwebs out of my mind.  It catches all my to-dos, and archives the items I've already addressed.  It even has a tickler system for upcoming deadlines or follow-ups.  GTD is a system that takes commitment. You can't really do it halfway.  The book is about $9, and that's all there is to it. Nothing else to buy.  Buy the book, read it, let it sink in, and let its power change your life.
  2. Boomerang for Gmail: Boomerang is a FREE extension that allows you to tell Gmail to send your email at a later time, remind you to follow up on an email, and let you know you if you don't hear back.  It's out of this world. 
  3. Open Table:If you're like me, you find yourself at restaurants on a pretty regular basis. Especially if you're in business, you're likely meeting potential customers and strategic partners for lunch meetings or an after work glass of wine. Making my life easier one-reservation-at-a-time is Open Table,which is an online reservation-making system for area restaurants.  Every time you make a reservation, you get points, which add up and get you gift certificates. I love free stuff, and I love that they have an app I can one-touch reservations on.  Not every restaurant is on Open Table. They are dumb, and should know I often select my restaurant based on whether or not they are on Open Table.
What are your favorite resources?

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  1. We love Open Table! I also loved the encouragement you gave in this post to throw my energy behind the discipline it take to get a system to do it's work for me. Sometimes I think when I sign up for something that it'll just automatically do its thing. Nope. Being disciplined at first is worth it when the system IS doing the work for me! Thank you!!!


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