01 October 2013

Why It Matters // Savvy Business Secrets for Creative Entrepreneurs #31Days

I wouldn't say I was overly gung-ho at the idea of committing to this exercise in discipline of writing for #31Days straight.  Goodness, who is so crazy?  As I thought about it, though, and about this topic, excitement grew, because I believe it matters.  

There are charming and lovely people out there - bringing to life beautiful art with just canvas and oils, planning beautiful events - southern weddings, 5th - 20th - 50th anniversaries, client thank-yous, little baby grey and pink sip-and-sees - designing beautiful websites and monogrammed notecards, setting an image to blaze with just the click of a shutter, creating jewelry from metal and things that sparkle when the sun hits them at just the right angle.  You know it and so do I: what they're doing means something; it's an expression of how they were made, and it's their unique contribution to the world.  They may or may not have any business in their background, and yet they press on, determined for the world to be better because they were here.  I believe in those people. I believe it's in them to create and to leave their fingerprint in the world.  And I'd love to help.  

So- you who are entrepreneurially-minded and inspired and forward-thinking and full of passion, but not really all up on the business of business? 

This series is for you. 

It will be chock-full of tips and resources and standard operating procedures you may have been wondering about in business, and maybe you've wondered how to implement them yourself.  It's designed to help you gain traction and momentum in your creative enterprise; a chance for the next-level-launch you've been waiting for.  

I can't wait to get started, and sure hope you'll join in.

Not sure what I'm talking about? Check out my introduction here.

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  1. so very excited to read along, cammie! this might finally be my break through!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

  2. Yes! You are so full of knowledge that we need!


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