03 October 2013

Get Control of Your Day // Savvy Business Secrets for Creative Entrepreneurs (#31Days)

Eat the frog first.

It's a popular saying, and especially so in business. Have you heard it before? It refers to our need, in business (and life, really), to take care of the undesirable conversation,  email, paperwork, mail-reading, errand-to-run thing FIRST THING, so it's off our mind and off our desk when it's time to get to our other to-do-list items.  The quote comes originally from Mark Twain's writings, and it turns out he was one smart dude, and zillions of authors have written on the topic from zillions of angles. 

Whether it's a matter of pre-sale or customer service, HR or apology, go ahead and get at it before the eats away at the rest of the day.  

Speaking of the day, go ahead and get started.  Whenever your "work time" begins, go ahead and get yourself in the mindset of work.  Turn off the distractions (or better - train your mine in discipline and ignore them!), get your cup of coffee or tea or five-hour energy (gross I can't imagine drinking that stuff), and get to work.  I'm a firm believer in early-morning time to get moving on the day, but you don't have to be to make it work. Just decide on your time and get to it.

Once you've gotten to work, decide what you're ok taking a break for.  Bathroom breaks are a must, of course, and when it comes time for lunch, avoid the temptation to eat at your desk, unless it's an exception.  Give your mind a break. Stretch it a little. I like to catch up on the news while I'm home grabbing a bite to eat in the middle of the day.  And eat, would you? Give your body the fuel it needs to be strong through the afternoon.   

How do you like to get at all the things?

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