09 October 2013

What are you Afraid of? // Savvy Business Secrets for Creative Entrepreneurs #31Days

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I had a conversation with someone yesterday in a business context. We circled around topics of harnessing team members' talents, setting clear objectives, having the right people on the bus, but we just kept getting stopped up.  Something was there that we were having a hard time bypassing.

"I am just really afraid of success.", he said.

Everyone has it, don't we? A fear of something in business or life that holds us back, makes it so we really can't get traction, maintain motion, move forward.  And often times, the fear is hiding in processes or procedures, deadlines or disorganization, because those outward things make it easier to disguise the inward fear, and we often don't even know it's there.

What fears are holding you back? Are you afraid of the accountability of actually being good, and having to answer for being an expert? Is a fear of commitment looking you square in the eye, daring you to glance away? Are you afraid someone's going to laugh at your idea?

Being a creative entrepreneur is really personal, isn't it? Your business is your art, and you put your heart and soul into your art.  There are no emotionless widgets or nuts or bolts or peanut butter crackers marching down a conveyor belt to the packaging people. 

Those commodities? They're not here.  But you are, and being a creative means putting yourself out there all vulnerable and splayed out for everybody to see. And so it's different in business because your person is wrapped all pretty into the thing you do.

Everybody has a fear. But it doesn't own you or control you. And it's often hiding in a costume that makes it look legitimate.  You've got to find it before you can squash it.

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  1. Finding and squashing! Thanks Cammie!

  2. love this post too!! i definitely have a fear of starting something and failing. AHH! definitely need to squash that fear and DO!


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