11 November 2013

Drinking from a Firehose

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I went to an industry conference last week. It was intense. And awesome. 

There was so much information, I literally felt like I was drinking from a firehose. I took notes furiously, but couldn't get it all on paper. I'm hoping some of the content seeped into my brain even if it didn't make it into my notes.

What do you do in situations like this? How do you make the most of the information even when the quantity is overwhelming?
  • In addition to my notes page, I keep a To Do list for conference-things that require an action on my part.
  • I make note of books that are mentioned, and make a plan to order them for myself. Most great teachers are also great readers. I want to learn from them.
  • I review my notes after each session. The most important things will stick out to you.
  • I'm a doodling listener, and let myself doodle as I listen. Instead of my brain concentrating on getting down every word, I let the information sink into my mind, and doodle along the way.

What are the best ways you've learned to absorb abundant information?