06 November 2013

What are your favorite blogs?

I think because I am a blogger, people often ask me what my favorite blogs are.  

I am a big blog reader, partly because I love the content, and partly because I use other people's blogs for inspiration.  I also follow a handful of "how to be a better blogger" blogs.  I personally use Bloglovin' (which was a fiasco to decide on in the first place), which I transitioned to when Google Reader retired, and it works just great.  

Last week, my life group girls asked me to put together a list of blogs for them to check out, and that's what this list is going to be. Here you go, ladies!

If you're really cool and beautiful on the inside and out - you might like these. Ok, side note: It's REALLY hard to rank blogs by level of favoriteness.  So I'm just going to list these in no order, because trying to determine their actual order is not going to be possible for this Type A.

Shauna Niequest - She's on my short-list of favorite authors right now, and her blog moves me in the same way her books do.  Love this lady.

Nesting Place - She makes me feel like I could be an interior designer. Her motto is It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. Need I say more?

Cup of Jo - The woman posts so insanely much, I can barely keep up, but when I have time, I love perusing her posts. 

Be Up & Doing - If you followed along with my Savvy Business Secrets series, you already know I'm obsessed with all things Allie.  Her blog is no exception.

House of Earnest - Love at first sight, here, people.  Beautiful yet still achievable decorating ideas and product recommendations.  Much love to another one of my Savvy Entrepreneurs. AND her new product line launches next week!

Hollywood Housewife - Just the right amount of sassy, and plus the girl lives in Hollywood.

Lara Casey - The founder of Making Things Happen, and all around nutritious lady, her writing will challenge and inspire you.

Emily Ley - Because her products are impeccable and following her blog is the best way to make sure I don't miss a thing!

I Heart Organizing - The best organizing blog in all the land. Not a joke.

And just because we're on the topic, I hope you'll take a moment to follow Polka Dotted Peony on Bloglovin'!

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