06 January 2014

A Vision for 2014 (Part 3)

Today is January 6, but because it's the first Monday of the new year, it feels like 2014 is just starting.

I've been thinking a bunch about what this year can look like for me, and how committed I am to intentionality in life. Letting days coast into nights - one into the next - without thought about vision or what the ACTUAL impact is that I'm making on the world is NOT the life I want. Life is short. My opportunity to bring good news to other people is short. Let's do this.

I'm following along with Lara Casey's goal setting process, and I've borrowed all the graphics from her.  

Where there is no vision, the people perish. (Proverbs 29:18)
My vision for 2014 has two arms:
People + good news - How can I make people's lives better? How can I help people learn more about the impact they can make on the world? I want to give them good news - about themselves, their impact, about Jesus, and about what's in the crockpot for dinner. How can I be a better leader - at work and in the community? 
Healthy Cammie - I would like to be the best possible version of me. This means setting healthy boundaries in work and relationships and with social media. This means saying no so that I can say yes to something different. This means cooking food that fuels my body and being active so I feel energetic and optimistic. This means taking time to do nothing and taking time to just have fun. This means saying no to comparison. I was made to be my best ME - not my best version of someone else.  
  • Procrastination - procrastination makes me weak
  • Comparison - it's the thief of joy
  • Mindless social media - what a waste
  • Being run by other people's priorities
  • Perfectionism - done is better than perfect.

  • Intentionality and tracking - nothing measured, nothing managed.
  • Sabbath - a day of rest
  • Cultivating gratefulness in my heart
  • More plain old fun
  • Priorities over urgencies

My word for 2014: Intention