02 January 2014

Let's Do 2014 - Part 2

Happily continuing my 2014 goal setting process, I'd like to explore a bit what I learned from what worked and what didn't work. If you're just joining in - welcome. It's not too late to get started!

Here is Part 1.

What I learned from what worked and didn't work:

  1. I am a people-loving introvert.  People are why I'm on earth. People are central to Cammie. I love their smiles and the sound of their laughter. I love to watch them learn and have lightbulb moments that are central to their lives.  I like creating spaces that make people feel at home. I like it when they head to my fridge to grab something, and when they know right where I keep the half-and-half and the K-Cups.  Too many people for too long, however, and I'll dry up like a desert. Time alone for me is essential, and an opportunity to recharge and just be, so I can get all geared up for the next social gathering.
  2. I need to engage in my world. I am not a stand-by-er.  I like to get my hands dirty (in the least literal way possible - I don't actually like getting dirty).
  3. It's important for me to be intentional in having my needs met, like in getting up early to have some quiet in my day. If I'm not careful, I'll too soon have every moment scheduled, without a thought about how my own mental health will fare.
  4. I need places in my life where someone else is in charge. This is one reason our Tuesday life group has been so great for me specifically. I get to just show up. 
  5. I am not in control. God is. He orders my days, and my one job is to serve and follow Him and to love others. I am not in control. 
  6. I like to be involved in lots of different things, but I need to be creative about finding ways those things can relate to one another. For instance, you'll probably see more here on my blog that's related to my daily work, simply because my brain is already there.
  7. I'm a connector. Do you need a plumber, painter, mechanic or bikini wax? Here. Let me text you their number.

What fires me up:

Oooo there are so many things.  Here are a few:
  • Freedom in relationship and an ability to express thoughts, feelings, questions, laughter without fear of rejection
  • Babies. Give them all to me. 
  • Laughing hard. Like stomach-hurts hard
  • The lake and being up north in general - listening to the quiet and engaging in a decidedly slower pace
  • Giving a gift that's just the right thing
  • A great workout
  • Seeing confidence in people I love
  • A healthy meal that fuels our bodies
  • Inviting friends into my home
  • Thunderstorms
  • Impacting people's lives in ways that make life better for them
  • Life-giving conferences
  • Riding with the windows down and the music up
  • Setting boundaries in order to say YES to better things. Oooo it hurts so good.
  • Being productive and fruitful in meaningful things
  • Clementines. I could eat 50. Also fresh raspberries. And honey greek yogurt.
  • The joy and blessing of family and being part of a legacy I'm proud of
  • Getting organized. Over the weekend I organized a bunch of drawers and cupboards in my kitchen and nearly did a dance I was so excited about it. It was major, complete with exact measurements of my surfaces so I knew JUST what size baskets to get at Target. And the baskets all match. For the win! My spaces are working for me instead of me working for them!
  • Choice. Being able to choose good things over bad things, meaningful things over brain-drain, nutritious relationships over gossip and comparison.
  • Learning and growing. I hope I never lose energy for learning from people who know so much more than me. Stagnancy is like cancer. It grows. 

You guys. Are you doing this? It's so good. It kind of feels like work but it's oh so good. Are you with me? It's never too late to get started!

More tomorrow. Yay!

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  1. I enjoyed your blog post cammie. I love the having the new year as an excuse to reflect on your self!


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